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 Catholic Crusader Youth Ministry is for you!

Who are the members of Youth Ministry at Holy Name?

All Holy Name parishioners that are in 6th-12th grades are automatically members of our Youth Ministry. You don’t have to attend all of the events. Or help with every service project, or fundraiser. There is no membership fee; no sign up is required. You are just a Catholic Crusader.

vuofbBut we hope you do join the group at the events, help with the service projects, and take advantage of the fundraising opportunities to raise money for the different activities and events. It’s all here for you. You just have to choose to be part of an exciting group of kids who get to together to do some very exciting things and make a difference in the lives of others.

Permission Slips

All participants, both child and adult, must complete a permission slip for each activity.  Permission slips are created per activity, and vary depending on the nature and location of the event.

All chaperones and drivers must comply with all Safe Environment requirements as mandated by the Diocese of LaCrosse.  Drivers must, further, complete Driver’s Record Background Check and provide proof of insurance.  All chaperone and driver paperwork must be completed no later than (2) weeks prior to an event.  We are always in need of volunteers and chaperones.

If you are not able to help with the next event, but would like to help in the future, you can do the paper work now.  It eliminates problems that might arise by doing paperwork at the last minute.  Please call the Religious Education office to discuss this further.  Or go to for the forms and requirements.  You can drop the forms off at the Parish Center or Religious Education office.


Catholic Crusaders Has a Story

In 2003, the first youth ministry core group, made up of (10) Holy Name teens, met to plan their youth ministry events for the year. At that time, they decided they wanted to let people know what they stood for, and who they were as Catholic teens. They began to brainstorm and decided they wanted to be known for ‘how’ they carry out the mission of Jesus through their actions and deeds.

Looking through the bible, they came to Matthew 16:27, “For the Son of man will come with His angels in His Father’s glory. And then He will repay everyone according to his conduct.” They voted and it was agreed, they would proudly stand up for what they did in the name of their faith.

Still wanting a way to witness to others, they went back to brainstorming. After, a lot of ideas, discussion, voting, and of course some break time for basketball, they settled on their name, Catholic Crusaders. And designed a t-shirt with ‘Whatcha’ gonna do When HE comes for you?’ on the back as a way to explain Matthew 16:27 without saying a word.

Since then, almost 1,000 Catholic Crusader t-shirts have been ordered and worn by Holy Name parishioners of all ages. They’ve been taken to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, France, Spain, Portugal, Peru, Iceland and all over the USA to be traded or given away. In 2013, as part of a youth ministry mission trip to Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II orphanage in Peru, (95) t-shirts were taken for the children and adults who lived at there at that time.

If you have a Catholic Crusader t-shirt – Keep wearing it proudly! If you don’t, call the Youth Ministry office, we have them on hand. It’s a simple way to witness and evangelize without even saying a word!



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